About Surangi Samrajyam

The Sūrya Vaṃśa, or the lineage of the Sun, has existed from time immemorial having been created from the right eye of Lord Paramaśiva Himself and with a recorded history starting with the reign of Ikṣvāku.

Kailaasa in Surangi prevailed as an “enlightenment ecosystem” with a tremendously rich and unique history, heritage, festivals, art, architecture and culture, established directly by Paramasiva through Lord Surya, the Sun God. It functioned with such high activism in celebrating the Cosmic Principles. It is also one of the most invaded Kailaasas in the world by the Mughals. Following is an overview of the glory of Kailaasa in the Surangi region, the persecution of it by the invading rulers, and its revival.

Our Mission

Surangi Samrajyam’s leader The Supreme Pontiff Of Hinduism Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is giving a superconscious breakthrough to humanity, which is physically demonstrable through various power manifestations, scientifically measurable and stands the scrutiny of rational logic in hundreds and thousands of human beings around the globe.

Our Vision

  • To revive and re-establish the VedaAgamas as a living Applied Science, giving the superconscious breakthrough that humanity is long waiting for in its evolutionary path.
  • To pioneer a divine evolution, awakening human beings to their extraordinary powers (Shaktis) and powerful cognitions (from higher states of Consciousness), building the next level frequency of human body, mind, internal organs and intra organs (such as Third Eye).
  • To empower humanity to manifest Superconscious powers at individual, societal and global levels.
  • To re-create a Conscious world where the global issues at the climatic, economic, social, health and 2 humanitarian levels, cease to exist from their very root; turning the problems of poverty, hunger, violence, discrimination into powerful living through the experience of Oneness.